1. Sounds like you’re more of a media magnet than whore :-) And now that Jian Shuo has Goudaner, you’re certainly the most famous Shanghai walker/blogger among *my* personal bookmarks!

    Glad to hear things are going so well for you, Dan. PLease give Ozzie a scritch behind the ears from your fan in California :-)

  2. Woah, I thought the Budget Travel Magazine thing suddenly made you overwhelmingly popular… but it turned out mostly to be links to porn (scary!)

    But anyhoo… The Chinese have a tendency to do that. My dad went to give some speech to his father’s school in Hunan, and people introduced him as a professor from Harvard.

    He has, as of now, only gotten an MBA from Columbia. Guess all degrees/universities from the States are the same anyway. :P

  3. hi dan,

    im curious… you quit your newspaper job JUST to move to shanghai? im contemplating a looong break. u didnt think twice bout doing that?


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