1. I never been Hang Zhou before. but I know that’s a beautiful city, special West Lake. and it’s a great thing to see how people making the tea. then to taste tea. like long jing(Dragon Well), Wu Long etc. try the first morsel, smell good, try the second morsel, little sweet, try the third morsel, feel like in the fairyland. that’s why people always take some tea back home when I travel with them. even me.
    o. Dan. There is a famous bridge at West Lake. you should been there. It’s known by a folk story, “The story of White Snake”. and this bridge has another name as “Duan Qiao”, ask Authur, he will tell you. it’s a beautiful and Sad love story.

  2. Dan, it sounds like a great start to your trip. It will be great to read of your exploits. (Hmm, maybe some lonely planeteers could meet up with you for a rendezvous / travel partner)
    There are lots a neat places around Hangzhou; the temple and old pagoda make very nice visits, although the temple is incredibly tourist oriented….. OK, Chinese tourist oriented. They still don’t understand the American’s penchant for t-shirts and hats….. and spoons, keyrings, postcards, miniature statues, etc. And don’t forget to mention the great silk from the Hangzhou area. And of course, you will have to try the West Lake Beer. Mmm tasty!
    Look forward to the photos once you get them loaded on the site.
    Have fun, and stay safe!

  3. Gorgeous pictures, you made me homesick again. I used to go to Hangzhou for weekend getaways and vocations every year. One of my greatest experience is biking around the inner XiHu loop in early morning when there is few tourist around. It can be a good exercise sine one has to ride pass all the bridges. Then we will stop to drink green tea and relax, then go all the way back. Summer is hot in Hangzhou. But biking in the early morning breeze is a wonderful experience. Of course, we don’t wear Speedo and halmets, either…

  4. I often heard people in Hangzhou didn’t like Shanghainese that much when I grew up although it has always been called the backyard of Shanghai. I didn’t know how much of that was true or if it is still the case today. I also heard ” Qian Dao Hu “-thousand islands lake in Chun’an county 160 km (100 miles) west of Hangzhou is one of the biggest National Park in China. Supposely it covers an area of 143,321 acres of breath taking nature beauty.

  5. Dan
    I am Tony,I have not seen you for months.I miss
    but I have not seen your trip photos in hengfeng.I was eager to see it.
    thank you!

  6. Wait, you like jasmine tea better! That guy is right; that’s not the best tea. If you want though, try getting the fruit and flower type. Pretty good for a sweet tooth. Besides, there is another type of tea with tea leaves. If you leave it in your mouth and let it swish around, after drinking it, you could feel your cheeks expanding; it’s that sweet.

    I know, I sound like a tea expert, but you should ask my mother. She buys tons of tea whenever she gets a chance to go back to China. She just lets me taste the tea. :-)