1. hey dan, shangrao is a town with some historical significance.
    it used to have a large concentration camp used by the nationalists to hold communist prisoners in the 30’s. Maybe it’s still there. check it out.

  2. As I’ll be soon going to Shanghai for my undergraduate studies, i started looking for blogs of people living in Shanghai and came across yours. I just wanna learn more about the city where I’ll be spending my next 4 years.
    I’ve read this entry, every word of it. I thought that the chinese people would be used to seeing white people in their country by now. *sigh*

  3. I am reminded of an experience in a friend’s small village in Italy, where I and our two tall, at the time adolescent, sons were the towering talk of the town for days. It’s good to be gawked at at least once in life. A reminder that smiles are truly the international language of friendship.

  4. Wow, you visited Tiantai. I remember visiting Tiantai on a lark over May Holiday in 2002. My fondest memories are the lack of tourists (relatively speaking, this is China of course), misty green tea fields, and that my friend and I were able to find a reasonably clean room to stay in for only 40 RMB a day with private bathroom, warm water, and TV (though no AC).

    Kudos for going off the beaten track.